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To receive a copy of any of the Keynote and Invited Speaker presentations listed below please message your request to: mike@chartacloud.com

Momotaz Begum

University of New Hampshire


Introductory Remarks

Dr. Henny Admoni, Carnegie Mellon University


Understanding Natural Human Behavior with Assistive Robots



Dr.Thierry Karsenti

University of Montreal


Impacts of humanoid robots on children with autistic spectrum disorder

Dr. Nilanjan Sarkar

Vanderbilt University


The Promise of Robot Mediated Autism Intervention

Francesca Dansereau M.Ed; Ph.D. (candidate)

Social Tree Foundation


A review of Robotic Mediated Interventions:

Moving Beyond the Robot

MaryEllen Paradiso

Ridgefield Schools, Ridgefield NJ, USA


The REAL Program

Robot Enrichment Adds Learning

Michael D. Radice, Chairman Technology Advisory



Derived Experience-based Considerations in

Robot-mediated Behavior Interventions

in autism

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